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Anxiety / Stress

Navigating Anxiety in Today’s Fast-Paced World

Navigating the complexities of modern life often exposes us to stress and anxiety. The rapid pace of today’s world subjects us to numerous stressors, leaving us feeling concerned, strained, and apprehensive. It’s a reality that all of us encounter circumstances that can push us to exist in a state of constant vigilance. The encouraging news, however, is that conquering anxiety is attainable through an array of methods and adjustments to our daily mindset and behaviors.
In my work with adults, I’ve identified specific elements that can exacerbate these feelings, and it’s essential to be able to identify these triggers. Additionally, developing an awareness of how our bodies react to our surroundings empowers us to make changes that can alleviate the symptoms we experience.

When it comes to working with children, involving parents in sessions is strongly recommended. Since I’m a new and unfamiliar presence to the child, this approach helps establish a sense of comfort for everyone involved. I possess a range of tools that prove beneficial in aiding children to overcome their fears and anxieties. These tools also facilitate their growth by addressing the experiences that have led to the manifestation of their anxiety.

Diving Deeper into Anxiety

  • Anxiety disorders stand as the most prevalent mental health conditions in the United States. With a yearly impact, these disorders affect 40 million adults, or 18.1% of the population aged 18 and above.
  • While anxiety disorders are highly treatable, it is disheartening that only 36.9% of those grappling with these issues receive the necessary treatment.
  • Even more concerning is the fact that anxiety impacts 30% of children and teenagers, yet a staggering 80% of them do not receive the assistance they require.

If you or your loved ones are struggling with anxiety, seeking help and exploring effective coping techniques can pave the way towards a healthier and more balanced life. Our practice is dedicated to providing support and guidance in overcoming anxiety, nurturing personal growth, and fostering a positive well-being for individuals and families alike. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help.

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